What I Wish I Knew Going In

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In my late teens and early twenties, I served as a worship leader in various capacities. To tell the truth, I fell in to it. I wasn’t searching for it. But, the church I had recently begun going to, needed a drummer, and I played the drums. So, I stepped up. I would fill in solo sometimes, when members of the band were out of town. I could hold my own with my guitar and voice. That’s how it started. Then one day, the youth pastor/band leader announced he was leaving Houston for San Antonio, leaving a void in our…

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I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the ways people have gathered to worship. My friends and I in high school used to get together some nights during the week and sit by the lake and sing worship songs. We’d each bring along scriptures or excerpts we had read and wanted to share with the group. We were mostly friends from the same church, but this was our way of getting together to worship, outside the church.

In Moses' time, the church, or temple in those days, was a tent. Not just any tent, though. To call it a tent…

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There’s a lot of writing advice out there. If you’ve been following along for any period of time, you know I talk a lot about the writing process and writing in general. Well, good news, this is another one of those articles! These are my 26 best writing tips to share with my fellow writers. I may have written about a few of them before, but I think they bear repeating.

1. Just do it.

2. Write every day.

3. Read a lot, but not just books. Read blogs, newspapers, magazines.

4. Don’t worry if it’s not good.

5. Use…

I work in outside sales which gives me a little time to work from home, though mostly I am in my truck, driving. These tips can effective in both scenarios.

There's something tangible you lose with Ereaders. They still have their place though. The portability helps with travel reading. Suddenly you can take your entire library across the Atlantic with you. I still prefer old fashioned books for the day to day reading.

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There is a plastic surgeon on the main road that leads to my neighborhood. The practice has adopted a digital sign to advertise the services they can offer.

I’m not sure how I feel about this. If people feel the need to improve their looks, who am I to judge, much less stop them? I’ve always tried to apply the “you do you” mindset. I’ll tell you if I disagree, but I don’t expect that to change anything for you. Why would my opinion change anything for you anyway?

But the thing is, I have kids. Kids who can read…

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For a lot of writers, writing is as much about their level of comfort as it is the actual writing process. Some writers can tell you, at length, about the process. The process is as much about the writing as it is about the writing tool. I have known writers who are so temperamental about their writing implements, that they have them organized better than their filing cabinets. Hence the picture above.

It is easy to fall into the trap of only writing when it is comfortable. Writers who only write with their favorite pens or notebooks, or on their…

Who Do You Play For?

The Miracle on Ice
The Miracle on Ice
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A few months back, we decided it was time to start taking our kids to church more regularly than Christmas and Easter. My wife and I aren’t irreligious or unreligious or whatever you want to call it; we both grew up in the church in fact. We had just gotten too busy to make time for it. But for the past couple of summers, we have been sending our boys to a few VBS programs, if only to fill out their summer schedules. What we found though was that the boys loved it. They had…

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As human beings we are naturally thoughtful. Experiences make us who we are. We get images of people in our mind and that’s how we remember them. Sometimes it creeps up on us that the person who we remember isn’t the person who is standing in front of us. It makes me think of the scene in A Christmas Story where Ralphie gets the pink bunny outfit for Christmas. Even if Ralphie was a girl he’s not a little kid anymore.

We spent some time with my mom and stepdad for Memorial Day and I had a really good conversation…

The land across the water used to be a cleared pasture. Photo credit to the author.

When it comes to ranch or farmland, pastures are something that take a lot of time to maintain to ensure that crops and livestock can enjoy the fields. The same thing goes for stories and history. Every family has stories that are told and passed down through generations. But the thing is, we have to keep telling the stories to keep them alive. Eventually, the stories just fade into the people who lived them, and if we’re lucky, we’ll at least remember the people in the stories.

My mom’s side of the family is reasonably good at keeping, finding, and…

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