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The other day, I watched someone in a parking lot go to the driver side door of the car to press a button to open the trunk of the car and then press a button to close the trunk when she was done. Have we made ourselves a society of convenience or a society of lazy people?

Technology is great, but at what cost? When technology creates a shortcut to do something without actually doing anything, that feels like a loss. I’m all for technology, but I can’t sit idly by and watch a machine do all of the work.

Disney Partners Statue. Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse
Disney Partners Statue. Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse
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On our first trip to Disney World, I saw a quote from Walt Disney. He says, “I only hope that we never lose sight of one thing — that it all started with a mouse.”

It all started with a mouse. Something as small and insignificant as a mouse, can start an empire. Ever since then, I have been searching for that moment of greatness.

The statue in the picture above is called Partners. It depicts Walt Disney with his famous mouse character, Mickey Mouse, walking hand in hand, surveying the events around them. The statue stands to greet you…

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We all have secrets. Some of us maybe would like to keep them that way. These are things that we don't even tell our best friends and may not even come out talking to an overpriced therapist.

Don't worry, I'm not here to tell you mine.

But I think that a lot of us worry that there is a dark side to us, that were it to come out, would cost us friends and relationships. The thing is though, that's the beauty of true friends and relationships, the ones that go deeper than your connections on LinkedIn.

True friends and…

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Every writer is constantly looking for ways to improve, even the greats. Creatives, writers, are their own worst critics, so new technologies are always tempting. Sometimes, the best new techniques and tips come from unexpected places. Sometimes, the best advice comes when and where you least expect it, if you’re willing to listen.

These four books below represent just that, an unlikely place to find literary inspiration. The best writing can be found anywhere, once you let your guard down. These books were each selected for this list for a specific reason. …

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There are times when we get a public forum and begin to get a little too comfortable. We either say things or do things that go too far. People use their celebrity for, we’ll say, favors to “help” others advance their careers.

Every industry it seems is wrapped up in it. In the restaurant world, you have chefs like Mario Batali and John Besh, using their fame and high positions to pursue women in inappropriate ways.

It happens in music. It happens with authors. It happens in Hollywood, most famously with Harvey Weinstein.

These perpetrators of sexual conquests, who seemingly…

The Prompt: Everyone’s addicted to something in some shape or form. What are things you can’t go without?

Prompt source:

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Coffee. I don’t think I can live without it. The smell. The flavor. The feeling. The boost. I drink it all day long. People at work think it’s strange I grab a to go cup for the drive home. It’s just a part of my day. It’s a constant companion.

I started drinking coffee when I was young, like maybe 13 or 14 young. Those early morning bird hunts with my dad were rough. I needed something to help…

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For a few months, I haven’t been writing any writing prompt responses. That’s something I need to change, because I think that this could be a great community and space to share writing responses and get constructive feedback from other writers.

That said, I want to open up Prompted Writing for submissions to anyone who is interested in sharing. This isn’t a space to share your most polished and edited work, but a space to share a writing response to something that inspired you to write.

A few guidelines:

If you have a writing prompt you want to share, share…

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I think almost everyone has a food that takes them too a different place. When the flavor combination is so great, that it is transformative. Sometimes when I sit down for a meal, I get lost and suddenly in the experience until suddenly the meal is over. Sometimes food is just that good.

Think about the movie Ratatouille. In the climactic scene, the food critic is served ratatouille, a simple, provincial dish that some might call peasant food. The critic takes a bite and is transformed to his childhood. Coming home with a bloody knee. He sits to a lunch…

Just write
Just write
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There’s a lot of writing advice out there. I have given my fair share of it. Anybody who writes, has something to say to anybody else who writes. From “this is what I do,” to “you should do this,” type of advice.

Every writer has to start somewhere. And that somewhere, is usually not very good. That’s just reality. It takes a lot of work, criticism, and rejection to become a “good” writer, whatever that means. I guess a “good” writer is a writer with an audience, because after all, isn’t that the point? I say I don’t care if…

Listen more
Listen more
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My kids love this book, and honestly it might be my favorite book to read with them. I think we had to buy a new copy because we wore it out. It’s my favorite book to read with them, not because of the story or the illustrations, but because of the lesson it conveys.

The little boy in the book builds this really cool structure out of his building blocks. He stands back to look at it, but it gets knocked over. Devastated, he curls up on the floor, alone.

Various animals come by to talk to him, but he…

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